REAL School Marin

Relevant Experience and the Art of Learning

A unique, private, middle school located in central Marin County, California. 

We offer a personalized, intensive and integrated education for exceptional students as they navigate the crucial transition from childhood to adolescence.


Admissions Procedure

We regret that REAL School Marin is not accepting students at this time.

Teachers are taking a Research & Development sabbatical.

REAL School Marin has a highly personalized hands-on admissions process.  We select students for intellectual potential and with an eye to putting together a balanced and diverse group.  We are highly selective in the students we admit.  Of those who go through our admissions evaluation, we accept only about 40%.  We maintain a rolling admissions calendar.

 Families interested in considering admission to RSM are first directed to explore the website.   Of special interest are the student and parent testimonials as well as the blog that explains in brief our philosophy of education.  RSM seeks students and families who are committed to intellectual discipline and a high performance bar within a warm and encouraging environment.

 The next step is for teachers to meet both parents and student to get acquainted.    We ask parents to visit our program first and then we invite the student candidate to spend several visit days with us so that we can see both individual potential and group dynamic in action. Over the course of several visits, we can get a stronger sense of a student --- both personality and learning profile.  We also request from parents report cards, standardized test reports,  educational/neuropsychological or other testing, etc. to round out the picture.   We try to learn as much as possible about a student and the family during the admission process so that we can make a considered decision as to whether or not RSM is likely to be a successful setting for the student's middle school education.  Following both parent and student visits, we at RSM make the admission decision.


The practical procedure is as follows:

First, we schedule an observation morning for parents on a Tuesday or Thursday from 9 to 10:30 AM.  The parent can be a "fly on the wall" and see how we teach, how students learn.  Parents can drop off report cards, standardized test reports,  educational/neuropsychological or other testing at that time for us to examine later.  At morning break teachers usually have a few moments to chat with candidate parents and then can follow up by phone afterwards. 

 If both parents and teachers think RSM might work for a student, we invite him or her to join us for several "shadow" days. We can arrange those to best fit his or her current school calendar.   Candidates for mid-year transfers as well as candidates for a September start date may shadow at any time.  

Following the visit days we talk to the parents again and make admission decisions. If all goes well, the final step is for the new student to meet with teachers, sign our tenets (see the website) and come to a welcome Council of the students.

 That's our process for evaluation. 

Note: Most candidates are accepted for a traditional September start date, but space permitting, we do often welcome a new student in the course of the academic year, depending on his/her needs and our evaluation of the most productive moment for the student to join our group. 


Thank you for your interest in REAL School Marin!

Marilyn Englander and Mark Biglieri


Tuition for the Academic Year

Tuition for the academic year is $35,000.    Tuition covers all expenses including textbooks, materials, standardized testing and the outdoor education trips we take over the course of the year.  

A non-refundable $1500 enrollment reservation deposit for September entry is required when a contract is signed to secure a place for the following academic year.