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REAL SCHOOL MARIN visits the Tesla Factory


                                                                                                Dylan J,  Grade 7

A New Tomorrow

     Hulking red robots with names like Iceman, Beast, Wolverine, Xavier and Cyclops lifted car frames and aluminum hubcaps. Through the cacophony of mechanic noises, one feeling emanated from our group: awe. I was filled with excitement as we toured the Tesla factory one step at a time.

    My family owns a Tesla, which many people covet, and although it is a nice car, I never understood why. After visiting the factory, I appreciated the car more than I ever had before. Although the visible amenities such as a mini computer with operational Internet is are nice, the internal structure and programming are truly exceptional, and I got to learn almost every step of these processes.

    Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla has one clear aim: to carve a better tomorrow. Tesla believes, that in a reasonable amount of time, we can restore the Earth to a better state than it is in now. Some of the ways they plan on doing this is: making electric cars affordable, which will create a cleaner and better world. Creating better solar panels, to release our grip on fossil fuels. And better battery packs, which will reduce the greenhouse effect and drive us forward in terms of renewable energy.

     I was fascinated by the fact that Tesla used to have only around 400 employees but has doubled that in six years. I learned about their largest machine, a sort of cutting tool. The company that Tesla bough it from told Elon that it would take a year to have the machine sent to the factory. Elon said that a year was far too long, and had his Tesla employees get the machine to the factory in less than a month. Tesla had to shave six inches off the machine to fit it under a bridge and had to build down a couple stories just to fit it into the factory. This also showed me how fast Tesla operates and that its goals are probable and will be achieved.

     Tesla showed me that a sustainable approach and affordable electric cars are possible and that there are companies devoted to restoring the Earth, rather than just making money. I feel extremely grateful for this opportunity and hope other groups like ours can potentially visit the factory as well.