REAL School Marin

Relevant Experience and the Art of Learning

A unique, private, middle school located in central Marin County, California. 

We offer a personalized, intensive and integrated education for exceptional students as they navigate the crucial transition from childhood to adolescence.


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A la Carte Tutoring for Advanced Students

REAL School Marin provides customized tutoring for ambitious students who want to progress in advanced curriculum.

We place students with our own teachers, as well as other superior educators, for one-on-one work across the curriculum.  Hours are flexible and the duration of any set of tutoring sessions can be adjusted to meet a student's needs.  

We serve students aged middle school through post-high school.

In select instances, students may contract for tutoring in groups of 2 or 3 at one time.

Ideal supplemental instruction for home school students.


Sample subject areas include:

Advanced writing

Elements of Style, Grammar, Mechanics Intensive

International Geography and World Events

American History and the United States Constitution

Beginning Spanish language: spoken and written

French language: spoken and written

Public Speaking

Algebra (all levels)

Geometry and Honors Geometry


Biology and Biology Lab

Zoology and Zoology Lab


Fieldwork and Exploration Locally in Marine Biology, Botany, Zoology, Geology

Hiking with Field Guides in the Bay Area

Email for more information and rates.